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Pie Chart An effective precision lubrication management program relies on Reliability-Centered Maintenance or RCM, a process to ensure that critical assets function at peak performance regardless of the harsh environmental conditions in which they run.

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Without intervention, all machines will ultimately fail.  Every failure has a direct or indirect operational impact on your company's bottom line. The goal of RCM strategies, then, is to attempt to understand failure modes in order to identify interventions that will avoid that result. This requires that you manage the lubricant condition to ensure that the correct lubricant, the right amount, and at the right frequency be optimized for your equipment. This in turn is a huge ROI for considering us in setting you up with a program on managing your lubrication needs.

Saving time, resources and money while increasing the reliability of your equipment is at the core of our mission. At Lubrication Technologies, Inc, we understand the science behind reliability-centered maintenance and the critical role that lubrication management plays in the success of your program. That's why we offer 360° solutions to help you identify and prevent equipment failure.

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Although lubricants make up a mere 3% of the typical maintenance budget; using ineffective products, techniques and applications can have a significant impact on the lubricant-related costs that make up 43% of that budget. That's right, a whopping 43% of your over-all maintenance budget is impacted by your lubrication program.

Whether your goal is the prevention of contamination ingression, the removal of contaminants, enhancing your oil analysis program, increasing the safety and cleanliness of your lubricant storage area, or improving profitability through a combination of any or all of the above; a Lubrication Management Program designed by the Technical Consultants at Lubrication Technologies, Inc. can help you target those areas where you see red.

Your equipment and components will last longer, run more efficiently and more reliably and replacements won't be required prematurely. Your labor force will spend less time on routine lubrication-related maintenance and no time on lubricant-related failures. You'll reduce over-all lubricant consumption and waste.

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Our world class lubrication reliability program provides measurable results for those who think in terms of total cost of equipment ownership. Our Lubrication Technical Consultants will partner with you to assess every lubricated component in your plant or fleet to measure current results and identify areas that are costing you time and money. Whether you choose to survey the entire operation or just focus on a few areas, you'll be able to compare the before to the after. To take the guesswork out your lubrication budget, invite an onsite survey to document:

  • Equipment and Lube Room condition to identify factors impacting performance such as the presence of obvious contaminants like rust, dirt, varnish and/or sludge in components, past and current service intervals, a history of frequent or repetitive repairs and identification of root cause and/or a reduction in the quality of machine output
  • Review of OEM standards pertaining to the type of lubricants in use, whether filtration products are used or required, the number of lube points on each asset and the frequency and method of recommended maintenance procedures
  • Analysis of used fluid samples to determine the presence (and source) of contaminants; to determine the remaining useful life of the base lubricant and to measure depletion of anti-wear additives
  • Interpretation of all results to identify less obvious performance factors such


Xpert ™ Program Design and Installation: All Systems Go

Using the metrics identified in the survey phase and considering the lubricant requirements necessary to increase equipment reliability and reduce downtime, our team will work with you to design and carry out a clear, concise, cost-effective Lubrication Management Program by:

  • Providing performance-based recommendations on the most efficient lubricants and application methods for each asset including calculations of proper lube frequencies and amounts while considering OEM specifications, lubricant properties required in specific operating environments, consolidation possibilities and overall cost of usage
  • Expert consultation in the recommendation of equipment modifications and additions necessary to accomplish program maintenance goals including ongoing condition monitoring tools such as oil sampling and analysis and site glasses for key assets, automatic lubrication methods including single-point and centralized systems, filtration products such as portable filtration carts and desiccant breathers and lube room upgrades like state-of-the-art storage and dispensing systems and color-coded identification systems.

United WaterOnce decisions have been made regarding those recommendations, Lubrication Technologies Consultants can help design, install and service the systems selected with the objective of controlling contaminants, increasing equipment reliability and reducing costs, including systems in these key areas:

  • Manual and automatic dispensing and online filtration systems to deliver optimum amounts of contaminant-free lubricant at cost effective intervals. Offering design and Installation of both oil and grease dispensing systems, we are a familiar with the benefits these products provide with regard to increased personnel safety, enhanced machine reliability and increased productivity.
  • Storage and handling systems to reduce contamination, eliminate human error and minimize labor required for lubricant related tasks, prevent waste and reduce disposal costs Condition monitoring systems to ensure that goals are met, not just at implementation but for years to come Provision of ongoing technical consult on maintenance plans as improved technologies and new products become available.
Click on the Case Study at above-right to view the Lubrication Reliability Program implemented at United Water in Holyoke MA by Lubrication Technologies, Inc.

Training and Resources

Xpert ™ MLT Training is the First Step Towards Achieving Higher Levels of Equipment Reliability

Companies that strive for a world class equipment reliability program take a critical step in that direction by educating personnel responsible for maintaining critical assets. We believe that Machinery Lubrication Technician Level I Training and Certification is a critical first step toward achieving higher levels of equipment reliability.

There are multiple avenues toward that certification and one is easily available through Lubrication Engineers regularly scheduled training seminars held at LE Headquarters in Witchita Kansas. Lead by LE's expert instructor, Ken Kizer, CLS, OMA I & II, MLT I & II Instructor, Lubrication Training & Consulting, the Xpert MLT I course content includes:

  • Lubrication Fundamentals
  • Lubrication of Key Equipment Components
  • Contamination Control & Storage and Handling
  • Oil Analysis for Enhanced Equipment Reliability
  • Lubricant Programs & Application of Lubricants
Send your lubrication technician, PM technician, millwright, and mechanical personnel for MLT I certification and advance the lubrication knowledge and expertise of your whole team.

Gain control over the lubrication process and increase profits by increasing efficiency, reducing labor and downtime and protecting your assets.

If your looking for a customized educational seminar focusing on your industry and using your equipment, give us a call today.

Take a Customized Approach to Training Your Personnel
If your looking to avoid the costs of travel or just prefer a customized educational seminar focusing on your industry and using your equipment, then on-site training by our own resident expert will tailor a seminar at a time and location convenient to you.

David Piangerelli, STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist, ICML, MLT II, is a dynamic speaker with an in-depth grasp of all things lubrication and 40 years in the business of reliability improvements. He will customize training to meet the specific needs of your employees from basic concepts to hands-on workshops focusing on a specific asset.

Need MLT or CLS Training?
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LE Xpert TrainingTake Advantage of Upcoming Training and Certification Opportunities at LE's Centrally Located Facility in Wichita, KS

Before you raise your lubrication standards at your operation, invest in raising the knowledge of your employees, including managers, engineers and technicians. The success of your lubrication program depends on the ability of your employees to understand and apply lubrication best practices.

Lubrication Engineers has partnered with some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the industry to offer convenient opportunities for lubrication training and certification.

Our Xpert ™ training classes are available at our training facility in Wichita, Kan., where proximity to our manufacturing plant and lab allows the incorporation of hands-on training, or we can schedule private training at your site. Current offerings include MLT I, CLS and OMA.

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