Oil drain plugs enable you to change oil and other hot fluids quickly, simply and without causing pollution.

Femco oil drainage systemsFemco is the inventor and manufacturer of the original quick connect oil drain plug. All Femco drain plugs have been thoroughly tested for consistency, durability, and quality with a brand dedicated to making oil changes as fast, safe, and clean as possible.

The quality construction and tight fitment allow the user to safely drain hot oil without the risk of burns or spills. Additionally, Femco Drain Plug's feature a brass dust cover and a double O-ring, this protects the valve and ensure leak proof and reliable performance. As the Femco Drain Plug only needs to be installed once, when it's time to change the oil simply unscrew the dust cap, attach the drainer, and let the oil drain out. Following these three steps will make oil changes faster, cleaner, and safer than ever before.

Femco oil drain plug Being the original manufacturer has allowed Femco to become an established supplier for leaders across multiple industries, ranging from construction, mining, trucking and public transport. As you may have guessed, all these industries require regular oil changes. Femco has repeatedly created solutions for these industries, making vehicle maintenance; safer and more cost-effective.

Benefits of Femco drain plugs include:
  • Reduced downtime during maintenance
  • Safely drain oil at engine temperature without risk of burns.
  • By eliminating risk of oil spillage, you can drain and dispose of oil in an environmentally conscious way.
  • Oil is safely contained when draining from pan to container.
  • Eliminates the risk of stripped threads.
  • Femco drain plugs can interface directly with an oil pump, allowing for both the draining and refilling of oil with an EVAC unit.

Whether you have a fleet of trucks, forklifts, tractors, windmills, or just a personal vehicle and the desire for the most efficient fluid draining systems on the market, Femco is committed to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. We look forward to continued innovation in the industry and continuing to build and strengthen our relationship with our American partners.

Regular oil changes are key to optimising the performance and lifetime of your vehicles and machines. The Femco® oil drainage system, can be used for draining many fluids. Examples include engine oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil and coolant. The condition of these fluids is essential to safe guarding the performance of your vehicles and machines, regular fluid changes also extend their lifetime. Femco® oil drain plugs are the perfect solution for efficient oil changes. They also help you prevent problems with seized or broken plugs and spillages onto the floor. Femco oil drainage systems enable you to change oil and other hot fluids quickly, simply and without causing pollution.

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