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SHOP Remote Grease Manifold Line Kits Lubrication Technologies offers Remote Grease Manifold Line Kits that provide quick access to hidden or guarded grease fittings in hard to reach or dangerous areas. Junction blocks are used to bring multiple lubrication points to a common, easily accessible location. The junction block provides a means for connecting high pressure hoses to multiple lubrication points.

Lubrication is the life blood of any machine. This is why greasing your machinery regularly is of utmost importance.
Whether you are driving a truck, tractor, ship or you are maintaining a fixed plant you need to make it easy, safe and efficient to grease those moving parts.

Even in the harshest conditions, Remote Grease Line kits can meet your greasing needs. Irrespective of dust, salt water, vibration or direct sunlight, Remote Grease Line Fitting kits can be installed to your chosen lubrication points.

ILC Pump Remote Grease Manifold Line Hose Connections

8mm Hose Assembly

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Typical Applications:

  • Manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, paper mills, waste water plants and more
  • Agricultural equipment: harvesters, headers, diggers, tractors, trailers, hay balers, backhoe, milking machines
  • Transport industry: trucks, trailers, vocational specialty vehicles
  • Mobile mining machinery: excavators, drilling machines, screeners, impactors, crushers and more
  • Stationary mining equipment such as conveyors, crushers, processing plants, mixing stations
  • Oil and gas drill rigs, pumps and more
  • WARNING: Never split or tee off grease tubes in a system. One grease line per grease point is the only way to go. Grease will take the least path of resistance

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