ILC Auto Lubrication Series Progressive Single-line Systems
LE-Industrial General Grease ILC MAX SYSTEMS
The progressive lubrication systems allow oil or grease (up to NLGI 2) distribution to lubricate the friction points of the machines. The divider blocks of between 3 and 24 outlets guarantee a correct discharge for each point. The system is easy to control and can be monitored by an electrical switch on the main divider.

Ideally suitable for the automatic grease lubrication of all types of industrial machines and as a chassis lubrication pump for trucks, trailers, buses, construction and mechanical handling vehicles.

In conjunction with ILC DPA, DPM or DPX progressive dividers, more than three hundred greasing points can be automatically centralized from just a single grease pump.

The pumps are designed for intermittent or continuous operation to provide regular pre‐programmed lubrication cycles as required for the various applications.

A direct‐mounted electric geared motor drives an internal rotating cam, which can actuate up to three externally mounted pump elements. Every pumping element has a relief valve to protect the system against over‐pressure.

To have a bigger discharge it is possible to collect the three outlets from the pumping elements together in a single tube.


ILC Max G2, G4, G5 and G8 - Grease and Oil Series Progressive Electric Pumps

ILC Logo These reliable, comprehensive and customizable centralized lubrication systems offer 3 types of progressive dispensing in combination with manual pumps or automatic pumps. ILC progressive series lubrication systems can be configured for oil or grease (up to NLGI 2), are easy to control and monitor and operate efficiently in the extreme environments found around industrial machinery and fleet operations.

Designed for intermittent or continuous operation, the direct mounted electric gear motor drives an internal rotating cam controlling up to three externally mounted pump elements, each of which with a maximum operating pressure of 250 bar and each will dispense up to 2.88 cc/minute (a larger discharge can be achieved by combining two or more outlets to one externally mounted pump. Each pump has a relief valve to protect against over-pressure. The internal drive shaft is coupled to a paddle which ensures continuous priming of the pump(s) with grease up to NLGI 2 at ambient temperatures down to -20°C.

The electric gear motor is protected with an IP-56 rated Nylon/Fiberglass enclosure and the seal is guaranteed with well mounted "o"-ring.

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Lubrication Technologies now offers ILC (Centralized Lubrication Systems) products and is the sole distributor in the US.


What are the benefits of using an ILC (Centralized Lubrication Systems) Series Progressive System?

  • A series progressive system meters lubricant to each and every lubrication point sequentially, one after another. Any blockage of a tubing run serving a lubrication point causes the divider valve to stop functioning. Multilne systems or injector systems cannot provide any notification of a blocked point.
  • There is a visual confirmation of lubricant flow through the divider via a pin that oscillates as lubricant is being pumped. An optional proximity switch can be fitted to the valve which is then connected to a dedicated M12 connector on the pump. In the event of a blockage, the proximity switch notifies the pump of a lubricant flow issue and the pump would show a fault condition on the controller. The fault output may be used to illuminate a light or other warning device in the operator’s cab.
  • Every pump is equipped with an integrated low level switch. A low level condition illuminates a light on the pump controller and an output signal may be used to make an operator aware of a low level condition in the cab.
  • The divider valve configuration is the only system design that allows greasing of all lubrication points in the event of a pump issue.
  • The pump is capable of pumping NLGI # 2 grade grease. It has a fairly large inlet which we use to affix a cam lock arrangement allowing personnel to refill the pump with a manual pail pump.
  • Every pump is equipped with a pressure gauge that provides real time monitoring of the system lubricant delivery. In addition the pump has a paddle that rotates and visually confirms its operation. As the paddle rotates, the pumping element, which is mechanically coupled to a cam, meters lubricant at a precise volume of .16 cc per revolution.
  • Most competitive lubrication system pumps have controllers that allows the selection of a specific run time as well as a dwell time; the time the pump is in idle mode. The ILC pump has a unique ability to be programmed to run for a specific number of pump rotations as opposed to run time. Run time programming does not factor in the wide variation in revolutions a pump will make per minute based on the ambient temperature. Effectively a pump programmed to run for 2 minutes at 20ºF will makes less revolutions than at 85ºF. In practice, this effects delivery volume.


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