Lube System Pump Filling Options

How to fill an automatic lubrication system

Grease Filler Pumps - Electric, Battery Operated, Manual Filling Pumps CamLock Pump Connection are the various ways to fill or refill an automatic lubrication system with grease, oil or lubricant in your reservoir, tank, or barrel.

Designed for filling grease reservoir!

Grease Filling Pump with a Hand Press

Grease Filling Pump with a Hand Press Filling process
This video will show/demonstrate how to go about manually filling an ILC Max 4 automatic lubrication system with a Fritsche Hand Press

The filling cylinder will be unscrewed and than a grease-filled cartridge introduced. A filling connection straight or a 90° filling connection is mounted on the underside of the filling pump and on the lubrication pump.

By pressing down the piston rod of the filling pump, the grease in the cartridge is pressed into the reservoir of the lubrication pump.

The piston rod is retracted and the empty cartridge is removed from the filling pump. This process is repeated until the desired grease quantity is refilled.

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GTP - Grease Transfer Pump used to refill lubrication system pump reservoirs from a 35 lb pail using camlock adaptors

Filling process
This video will show/demonstrate to you how to fill an automatic lubrication pump system using a 35 lb pail pump topper with cam lock assembly.

Our GreaGrease Filling Pump with a camlock adaptorse Transfer Pump (GTP) was designed for fast, easy bulk filling of automatic lubrication systems as well as grease guns. This provides an economical solution for refilling of automatic lubrication systems as well as most standard grease guns from bulk pails, 35lb (5 gallon) containers, instead of purchasing more expensive grease cartridges. The sealed system also keeps grease free from contamination.

The GTP is ideal for refilling a range of manual and air powered grease guns via the 9mm filler / bleeder valve. The ILC Automatic Lubrication Systems, Max 2, Max 4, Max 8 and our MiniMax, using camlock adaptors, can be refilled from the GTP by transferring directly into the container using the follower plate as a guide. A height adjustable lid and pump assembly offers compatibility with several different size grease pails up to 20kg. Our GTP is the best choice for high volume / low pressure grease transfer, especially in remote or on-the-job applications.

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