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Trucking and FleetOur team of Lubrication Technologies, Inc. experts custom design and install lubrication management systems on vehicles ranging from passenger cars and motorcycles to service vans, utility trucks and long-haul big rigs.

By installing an Automatic Lubrication System on your truck and fleet equipment, you are reducing maintenance costs, saving on component wear, and increasing overall effeciency of your equipment.

Lubricants play a valuable role by ensuring longer equipment life, less downtime, all-weather performance and improved fuel economy. Because Lubrication Engineers® (LE) engine oils are designed specifically for drain extensions, they can safely extend drain intervals when used in conjunction with our oil analysis program. Less oil is consumed and less labor is needed to change the oil, resulting in lower costs and a smaller environmental impact. Lubrication Technologies, Inc. (LTI) is the third oldest Manufacturer’s Representative for Lubrication Engineers® (LE) products in the US.

Prevention Keeps Trucking Equipment Running
Gear Jammers Truck Show Click to Expand Photograph We work closely with our trucking fleet partners to ensure all needs are met. As the sole ReliaMAX™ distributor in North America, we have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to designing and installing Automatic Lubrication Systems for wheel loaders, heavy equipment, auto lube systems for trucks, and components for all manufacturing, transportation, maintenance, and industrial applications. Complete systems and individual components available online or contact us (413) 788-5823 to determine if our lubrication equipment is the right choice for your design.

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Common lubricant suffering points for trucking fleet operations include:
Bearing failures - Greases that are subject to heat can melt and run out of bearings. Greases that do not form a good seal can let in contaminants. Lubrication Engineers® (LE) greases are extremely tacky and nearly impervious to water washout, and can handle heavy loads with ease. Lubricants formulated to meet the needs of our customers and in most cases easily exceed the Automotive Performance Institute (API) specifications for performance.

Engine oil - If you are looking for longer oil life while still protecting your engine from the demands of the workload, LE can help you safely extend oil drain intervals with superior, long-lasting engine oils and a good oil analysis program. Typically, engine oils are made up of 70 to 90 percent base oil and 10 to 30 percent additives. Lubrication Engineers uses premium quality base oil and best-in-class additive technology to formulate engine oils that maintain their viscosity, keep engine wear to a minimum, and help ensure dependability.

Diesel fuel - Water can get into the fuel of diesel equipment kept outside, causing a loss of power. Injectors get dirty from the buildup of soot. In addition, environmental issues have led to the use of lower performance diesel fuel in on-road and off-road mobile equipment. LE has diesel fuel improvers that address these problems. They can clean up your fuel pumps, injectors and combustion chambers, thereby helping you regain fuel economy, reduce emissions and lower the overall cost per mile or hours of operation.

Wire rope - Do your wire ropes, cables and draglines become rusted, corroded or frayed? You can protect your wire rope and cable from high stress loading, shock loading, jerking and heavy loads with LE's full line of penetrating and coating wire rope lubricants. Whether you want lubricant to penetrate to the core or to coat and seal, LE has a full range of protective lubricant solutions, including wire rope lubricant applicators to reduce labor costs and ensure safe, reliable operation.


Lubrication Management Programs Protect Your Assets and Save You Money:

Although lubricants make up a mere 3% of the typical maintenance budget; using ineffective products, techniques and applications can have a significant impact on the lubrication-related costs that make up 40% of that budget. A Lubrication Management Program designed by the Technical Consultants at Lubrication Technologies, Inc. can help you target those areas where you see red.

  • Your equipment and components will last longer, run more efficiently and more reliably, and you won’t replace equipment or components prematurely
  • Your labor force will spend less time on routine lubrication-related maintenance and no time on lubricant-related equipment failures
  • You’ll reduce over-all lubricant consumption as well as waste

Precision Lubrication Management

Reliability Centered Maintenance, is the approach endorsed by Maintenance Professionals across industries. We practice RCM to support the protection of assets at the lowest life-cycle cost. Our World Class Lubrication Reliability Program incorporates best practices and produces optimum results.


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!