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Wind Turbine In the wind field Lubrication Technologies, Inc. (LTI) offers several solutions: in fact, our lubrication systems guarantee machine durability and eliminate downtime. Regardless of the wind turbine's structure and design, there will always be the need to lubricate several bearings and drives. The proper centralized lubrication system for wind turbines simplifies the tasks of servicing, extends the service interval and protects from atmospheric elements and conditions.

Wind Turbine Greasing
For a wind farm, only the best lubrication system is good enough. Zero-tolerance for errors as one lubrication related failure could put a wind turbine in safety mode. With costly consequences. Especially in remote areas, a service call is not a good thing. Therefore, an automatic lubrication system has to check many boxes in order to be a perfect solution.

ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by leading manufacturers. They range from simple manual lubrication systems with a single point and centralised distribution to fully automatic grease systems that lubricate shafts -supports and bearings in medium-large sized machinery. Our solutions are custom-tailored to service blade bearings, yaw bearings, main bearings, and generators.

Solutions for every Wind Farm - Lubrication Systems

Wind Turbine Bearings Schematic Diagram Like any other major piece of machinery/equipment in the power industry, the wind turbine represents a large investment for the companies that will be relying on them to not only generate electricity, but revenue as well. Unlike other turbines powered by gas or boilers in coal-fired power plants, their are unique challanges that present themselves with wind turbines.

With most wind farms, repairing them can be a difficult task for several reasons. Most are located in remote locations and workers are faced with having to make repairs while being upwards to 330 feet in the air once arriving on site.

A lubrication system is critical to keeping a wind turbine working well!
The requirements of wind turbine bearings have led to a number of developments to further improve the operation of the ILC centralised lubrication systems, developments that culminated in the creation of a package of solutions that can be used by wind farms around the world, thanks to which they increase the durability and reliability of the systems. Some bearings in wind turbines need to be lubricated effectively at preset intervals and to do so, automatic centralised systems are required. ILC also suggests using a pinion to automatically lubricate open gears.

Industrial Reliability Centered Maintenance, is the approach endorsed by Maintenance Professionals across industries. We practice RCM to support the protection of assets at the lowest life-cycle cost. Our World Class Lubrication Reliability Program incorporates best practices and produces optimum results.

For machinery to run efficiently, they depend on the type of lubricant selected as well as the method of application. Modern machinery requires exact methods of application, unlike when lubrication could be applied by hand, today it needs to be precisely controlled. For most machinery, different methods of lubrication and types of lubricants must be employed for different parts with either a grease or oil lubricant.

Whatever your lubrication needs, Lubrication Technoloiges, Inc. (LTI) can help

Extreme pressure, high temperature, continuous high speed, and contamination from dirt and moisture are all conditions that can create strenuous demands on the lubrication systems protecting valuable production assets. Lubrication Technoloiges (LTI) can help you create and implement a customized lubrication reliability program that protects your equipment and keeps it contaminant-free. LTI's RCM program can deliver quantifiable performance advantages to wind power operations.
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