Sometimes, you've just got to get down and dirty. When the best tool for the job is a grease gun, consider the selections below.

Xport™ Clear Grease Guns are a simple, cost-effective solution to avoid cross-contamination, ideal when a specialty grease is required by the application.

Heavy-Duty Quick-Release, Grease Coupler Meclube offers well-engineered, long lasting lubrication and fluid management products for the professional Automotive, Agriculture, and Industrial markets. Meclube's exclusive patented design heavy duty quick release coupler has an innovative design that enables it to firmly latch onto the grease fitting, enabling hands free greasing. The heavy duty quick release grease coupler locks-on and creates a leak-proof seal.

The Quick coupler Meclube-Lock contains hardened 4-jaws made of tool steel and high performance hydraulic gasket uncoupling over 600 bar is possible. Swivelling joint with thread M 10 x 1 mm coupler in both 32mm or 81 mm lengths.

No more Fighting and Struggling with Stuck-On Couplers. If a Fitting becomes Pressurized, just Depress the Thumb Lever and Release the Coupler. No more Broken-Off Fittings. No Spurts or Splashes when Disconnecting. The Waste and the Mess are gone. A Clean Work Environment at all Times.

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Heavy-Duty Quick-Release, Grease Coupler

Meclube-Lock Coupler Features

      Simple Activation
      To activate the coupler you only have to press the lever with the thumb and insert it on the grease gun. The hardened 4-jaws maintain the coupler firmly inserted.
      Simple Release
      After you have finished the greasing process, you have to press the lever with the thumb to pull out the coupler from the grease gun.
      Hands-Free Operation
      Once you have activated the coupler, it remains firmly inserted so there is no need to keep it fixed. Its extreme stability allows you to complete the operation hands-free.
      Its special design allows to use it with all the grease guns configurations: SAE, DIN, BS, etc.

View Meclube Grease Distribution Catalog for more product information.

Xport™ Battery Powered Grease Gun with Clear Grease Tube

Xport Battery Powered Grease Gun The convenient battery powered model – the Xport Battery Powered Grease Gun with Clear Grease Tube – is especially useful for lubricating hard-to-reach areas or equipment that requires frequent or large-scale lubrication.

  • Allows 100% visual Identification.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination.
  • Enhances existing reliability programs.
  • Unit’s 19.2-volt rechargeable battery provides powerful, efficient grease delivery.
  • Extra long whip hose conveniently extends into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Tubes are made of high-impact, fracture-resistant polycarbonate, capable of withstanding heavy use and high temperatures.
  • Tubes fit many standard grease guns, making upgrades of existing guns easy and cost-effective.
  • Collars are constructed of durable T6061 aircraft aluminum and will not rust.
  • Collars are anodized and available in a variety of colors, perfect for when a secondary method of identification is required, such as lubricant type, application or department

Xport™ Clear Grease Guns and Clear Grease Gun Tubes

Xport Pistol Grip Grease Gun Clear Grease Guns are a simple, cost-effective solution for eliminating cross-contamination in applications where specialty greases are required. Operators have 100% visual identification of grease contained within the clear tubes and the color-coded ID systems are easy to set-up and maintain with seven colors to choose from. Pistol or Lever styles grips are available.

Human error in maintenance does happen; the wrong grease is applied to a piece of equipment, leading to cross contamination and worse yet, critical bearing and equipment failure. Such maintenance errors or malpractice can be very costly and time-consuming to correct. Say goodbye to grease-related servicing errors by upgrading to the Xport™ Pistol Grip Grease Gun with Clear Grease Tube. This reliability tool is helping organizations worldwide enhance their operations’ reliability maintenance efforts, enhancing overall accountability and safety.


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