Lubrication Engineer's Surefire 115VAC Term Strip - Brush
Automatic Lubrication System Delivers Right Amount of Lubricant at Right Time to Critical Equipment

ILC Logo Designed for oven applications, especially those in the food manufacturing industry, LE's Chain Spray/Brush System is an automatic lubrication system designed to dispense lubricants in small, measured amounts over short, frequent time intervals. It eliminates human resource constraints and makes consistent lubrication easier in physical locations or on types of machines where it was previously impossible. This innovative system comes in a spray or brush configuration. It is available in spray or brush versions, with a variety of pump and application point options.

Using an ALS for lubricant application leads to improved quality of lubrication as well as a reduction in labor requirements. Its successful use, however, requires knowledge of lubrication fundamentals. In order to avoid mistakes and realize positive results from such devices, you must select the right system for a given application, install the system correctly, and determine the optimum application rate. LE’s highly trained and skilled representatives can help you get started.

Lubrication Engineer's partnered with Bijur Delimon in offering this preconfigured centralized lubrication system. Together with LE's H1 food-grade lubricants, this system ensures that food manufacturing operations will save time and money and improve the protection of their critical assets.




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