Xpel™ Oil Storage and Transfer Container Kits

Xpel Oil Storage Containers Stop the insanity. Why leave your lubricants that you depend on to lubricate your machines open to dirt and moisture? It’s time to get rid of the old oil can with rag. The oil can method allows water, dirt and other particulates to contaminate your expensive lubricants. Whatever ends up in the oil, ends up in your equipment. The smallest particulates, especially the ones we do not see, can cause asset components to fail prematurely.

Another problem with oil transfer and oil storage methods is incorrect lubricant usage or lubricant cross contamination. Ever had an operator pick up an unmarked container and use the wrong lubricant on a piece of equipment? This can have a very negative effect on asset protection.

Sealable, reusable oil storage containers are the solution to prevent contamination. They make lubricant storage and handling easy, efficient and clean. Best practice recommendations also include integrating a color-coding system that includes properly labeled containers to prevent misapplication and cross contamination. Xpel™ oil storage containers can provide instant impact on your lubricant reliability efforts.

Xpel™ Oil Storage Containers are the solution

  • Fully sealing units that prevent contaminants from getting into the oil
  • Easy to dispense without the need for secondary tools such as funnels
  • Ability to be color-coded and labeled so that contents are easily identifiable for maintenance operators

Choose your lid style and drum body size, pick your color choice and request a quote.

Xpel™ Stumpy Spout Lid

Xpel Stumpy Spout Lids Available in 10 Colors

Specially designed for applications in which a higher lubricant flow is required, the Stumpy Spout Lid is a wide spout model with a 1-inch opening. It can be used with a stumpy extension hose to extend spout reach if needed.

      LEX-SSBG - Beige
      LEX-SSBK - Black
      LEX-SSBL - Blue
      LEX-SSDG - Dark Green
      LEX-SSGR - Gray
      LEX-SSMG - Mid Green
      LEX-SSOA - Orange
      LEX-SSPR - Purple
      LEX-SSRD - Red
      LEX-SSYW - Yellow

Xpel™ Stretch Spout Lid

Xpel Stretch Lids Available in 10 Colors

Designed for use where precise pouring of lubricants is required, including hard-to-reach areas, the Stretch Spout Lid has a ½-inch spout opening and longer spout, making it is ideal for lower viscosity oil.

      LEX-STBG - Beige
      LEX-STBK - Black
      LEX-STBL - Blue
      LEX-STDG - Dark Green
      LEX-STGR - Gray
      LEX-STMG - Mid Green
      LEX-STOA - Orange
      LEX-STPR - Purple
      LEX-STRD - Red
      LEX-STYW - Yellow

Xpel™ Mini Spout Lid

Xpel Mini Spout Lids Available in 10 Colors

With its outlet diameter of approximately ¼ inch (7mm), the Mini Spout Lid is ideal for applying lubricant where equipment filler holes are small.

      LEX-MSBG - Beige
      LEX-MSBK - Black
      LEX-MSBL - Blue
      LEX-MSDG - Dark Green
      LEX-MSGR - Gray
      LEX-MSMG - Mid Green
      LEX-MSOA - Orange
      LEX-MSPR - Purple
      LEX-MSRD - Red
      LEX-MSYW - Yellow

Xpel™ Utility Lid

Xpel Utility Lids Available in 10 Colors

A multipurpose lid with 2-inch outlet hole, the Utility Lid ensures controlled fast pouring of lubricants. Match it to a 3-, 5-, or 10-liter/quart drum for use with a Premium or Standard Pump.

      LEX-ULBG - Beige
      LEX-ULBK - Black
      LEX-ULBL - Blue
      LEX-ULDG - Dark Green
      LEX-ULGR - Gray
      LEX-ULMG - Mid Green
      LEX-ULOA - Orange
      LEX-ULPR - Purple
      LEX-ULRD - Red
      LEX-ULYW - Yellow

Xpel™ Storage Lid

Xpel Storage Lids Available in 10 Colors

With the Storage Lid, oil storage containers can be pre-filled for easier no-spill, contaminant-free transportation and storage. It is a convenient alternative to handling bulky 20-liter/quart drums.

      LEX-SLBG - Beige
      LEX-SLBK - Black
      LEX-SLBL - Blue
      LEX-SLDG - Dark Green
      LEX-SLGR - Gray
      LEX-SLMG - Mid Green
      LEX-SLOA - Orange
      LEX-SLPR - Purple
      LEX-SLRD - Red
      LEX-SLYW - Yellow

Oil storage and transfer container drum bodies

Xpel Oil Storage and Transfer Container Drum Bodies

Available in five different sizes, Xpel™ oil storage container bodies are fully interchangeable with all of the Xpel oil storage and transfer lids. The polyethylene plastic drum bodies are rugged and have an extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning. They are transparent and have graduated markings to make it easy to see and measure liquid levels.

      3-liter/quart drum body
      5-liter/quart drum body
      10-liter/quart drum body

Xpel™ Oil Container Pumps

Xpel Oil Storage and Transfer Container Drum Bodies

Add a convenient hand pump to discharge lubricants quickly and easily with less mess and less chance of spilling. The two Xpel™ Oil Container Pumps work only with the Utility Lid and the 3-, 5- or 10-liter/quart drum bodies. Both come with a 5-foot (1.5m) hose with anti-drip nozzle, excellent for lubricating hard-to-reach fill points.

Standard Pump

Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 460, this high-volume downstroke pump delivers 1 liter or quart for approximately 12 strokes. This unit is not color-coded.

Premium Pump

Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 680, this high-volume downstroke pump delivers 1 liter or quart for approximately 12 strokes. It is color-coded, fully serviceable and features a D-shaped handle grip. A range of accessories is available for this pump.

Extension Hoses for Containers

Extension hoses for containers

These flexible extension hoses are available for awkward or hard-to-reach areas. They attach easily to the oil storage container using the Stretch or Stumpy Spout Lids. The Stretch Spout Extension Hose can be pulled from the fitting and the length cut to suit the application.

      12-inch Extension Hose works with Stretch Spout Lid
      10.4-inch Extension Hose works with Stumpy Spout Lid


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!