BOP20 Battery Operated Pump
LE-Industrial General Grease The 5 Gallon Battery Oil Pump
The Industries first 18V Rechargble Oil Pump designed to dispense all types of hydraulic oil from a 5 gallon container. Gear Oils to Light Weight Oils. Completely portable. Delivers 40 Gallons on a typical full charge at 1 GPM. Improve efficency, reduce spills, increase safety, eliminate hand pumps and stop manually pouring oils into smaller containers. Simple to operate with a click of a button – the on demand flow nozzle allows full control of oil delivery. The BOP20 Powerhead can be transferred to across multiple pump stems reducing costs and eliminating cross contamination.

That’s what it is, freedom. There’s never been a smarter oil pump. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Macnaught BOP20 is a portable and rechargeable, 18volt battery operated oil pump, designed to improve workshop efficiency and reduce fatigue with the flick of a button. Simple but clever, the BOP20 powerhead can be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce set-up costs and the ‘on-demand’ flow nozzle allows full control over oil delivery with flow rates up to 1GAL/min. Single-handedly, it will improve the workflow in your workshop.

Macnaught BOP20 Features and Benefits

  • Easy control nozzle
  • Easy portable Powerhead
  • New modular concept
  • Sealed wetted parts – zero contamination
  • Separate Powerhead – multiple oils with one Powerhead 18V rechargeable 2.0Ah battery delivers up to 40GAL
  • Oils up to SAE90 – most under car applications
  • Flow rates up to 1GAL/min
  • Safety lockout carry handle for simple Powerhead transfer
  • On-demand flow control
  • No more pumping by hand to reduce fatigue
Starter Kit (BP20S-OLU): Full Assembly
Stem Kit (BP20X-OLA ): Stem, Hose, Handle
BP20PH: Powerhead
BPB-20AH: Battery


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