Single-Line Grease Injectors

CX-1 Grease Injectors Lubrication Technologies offers CX-1 Grease Injectors. CX-1 Grease Injectors are a single-line, high pressure, parallel grease injectors, and each CX-1 Grease Injector is compatible with the the Bijur ExactoServe™ Series FL-1, Bijur ExactoServe™ Series FL-11, Lincoln Centro-Matic® Series SL-1, Lincoln Centro-Matic® Series SL-11 Grease Injectors, and can be manually adjusted to discharge the precise amount of lubricant each bearing needs. Injectors are mounted singly at each bearing, or grouped in a manifold with feedlines supplying lubricant to the bearings. In each case, injectors are supplied with lubricant under pump pressure through a single supply line. Two injector types are available: a top adjusting and a side adjusting. Both types can be used in the same circuit; their selection is made on the basis of bearing lubricant requirements.

  • For single-line, high-pressure central lubrication system.
  • For dispensing lubricants compatible with fluoroelastomer packings and viscosity up to NLGI No. 2.
  • The output is externally adjustable.
  • Indicator stem permits visual check of injector operation.
  • CX-1 may be combined in a circuit of injectors SL-32, SL-33, SL-V, SL-V XL and/or SL-11.
  • Individual injectors can be easily removed for inspection or replacement.
  • Carbon Steel Injectors
  • CX-1 are compatible with Bijur FL-1 injectors containing positive displacement grease dispensing valves. They can be used in lube circuits with our FL-32/FL-33/FL-11 series.


  • VITON O-rings standard to protect against high heat & synthetic lubricants
  • Form, fit and functionally interchangeable with major competitive brand
  • All injectors are shipped with vinyl cover caps standard
  • Operating pressures to 3,500 psi
  • Adjustable grease output
  • Visual operating indicator pin
  • Includes feed line fill fitting
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When it comes to eliminate costly, manual point‐by‐point lubrication, CX‐1 Injectors have proven to be right solution for many applications.

  • Mining machinery
  • Heavy industry
  • Steel machinery
  • Paper machinery
  • Sugar machinery

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CX-1 Grease Injectors
CX-1 Grease Injectors


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