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municipal fire truckA common issue facing caretakers of fire apparatus and rescue equipment is spring hanger failure. We believe the root cause of this problem is a combination of factors: the weight of the body exerted on the chassis components, sometimes for extended periods of time; separation of less than optimum quality of greases resulting in hardened grease that causes excessive back pressure required to grease; (i.e. spring hangers will not take grease) and/or infrequent grease intervals. The resultant spring hanger failure incurs a cost to the owner of at least $2,500 and subsequent loss of use of the asset, sometimes at critical times.

These failures cause the unavailability of critical rescue equipment and produce costly repair bills for the City/Town. A solution is needed that would ensure proper lubrication of the fire apparatus chassis.

That is where Lubrication Technologies, Inc. (LTI) comes to your "rescue"!

Typical pieces of equipment installed with our ReliaMAX™ Automatic Lubrication System applications include pumpers, aerial ladder trucks, and EMS vehicles.

Fire Ladder Truck Automatic Lubrication System LTI has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to installing ReliaMAX™ Automatic Lubrication Systems for fire departments to help protect their Engines and Ladder trucks.

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By installing a ReliaMAX™ Automatic Lubrication System on your firefighting apparatus, you are reducing maintenance costs, saving on component wear, increasing overall efficiency of the equipment, and ensuring the safety of your crew and those who depend on them. It is in fact a very cost effective option that, when amortized over the life of the asset, represent an excellent investment.


On older units where the installation of our ReliaMAX™ automatic lubrication system is not financially viable, the next best solution is to use Lubrication Engineer’s 3752 Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant.

ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Lubricant is a multi-functional, extreme pressure lubricant for extended service under extreme conditions in on and off-road vehicles and in many plant applications. ALMAGARD Vari- Purpose lubricant was recommended because it is very tacky, it has excellent water washout resistance, does not pound out, and never separates.

E-One 110 Aerial Ladder Fire Truck Our ReliaMAX™ Automatic Lubrication System is used to lubricate the entire Fire Apparatus chassis including:

  • King Pins
  • Drag Links
  • Slack Adjusters
  • “S” Camshafts
  • Tie Rods
  • Spring Pins
  • Spring Hanger Shackles
  • Cab Hinge Pins
  • Outriggers
  • Aerial Ladder (requires separate system)

Pittsfield Fire Department, Pittsfield, MA
Saving $9,000 per year in component replacement!
“We used to purchase the cheapest lubricants we found, now with 3750 my front end parts and king pins last longer, the life of the spring hangers has been extended, and the old grease still looks red!” Read more

Tom Scherben

Pittsfield Fire Department
Master Mechanic
Quinn Brothers Inc., Essex, MA
Saved $92,400 over a five year period since converting to LE lubrication program!
“We cannot say enough about the service Dave Piangerelli supplies, as well as the products, top notch in our book! The installation of the lubrication system is the single, most cost-effective option on a truck.” Read more

Jay & Joe Coughlin

Quinn Brothers Inc.


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