Lubrication Engineers Independant Representative Lubrication Engineers Independent Manufacturer's Representative
Lubrication Technologies, Inc. was named the Number One sales organization for Lubrication Engineers Asset Reliability Solutions in the United States in the year 2020.

We began in 1976 as an authorized manufacturer’s representative for Lubrication Engineers, Inc. a full line ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of premium performance lubricants designed to maximize equipment life and improve productivity and profitability in all types of industries. These products, and a significant following of loyal customers became the foundation and remain the core of our operation today.

In 1992 we added automatic lubrication systems to our offering and over time brought in a distinguished selection of related products and services designed to add value and enhance our customer’s operations. It is critical to ensure a top performance installation of lube systems. We now offer total Lubrication Management Solutions making us truly a “one stop shop” for any and all lubricant related products.

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Alaskan Oilfield Services TestimonialAlaskan Oilfield Services / Almaplex (1298) Cost Savings = $196,2000
The year before the company switched lubricants, they experienced 114 roller bearing failures in its Rolligon fleet. The year after switching to LE’s Almaplex 1298, that failure number was reduced to only 24 – a 73% reduction. At a cost of $1,450 per bearing and considering parts and labor, the company saved approximately $196,200.

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Alaskan Oilfield Services Testimonial Alaskan Oilfield Services / Monolec Ultra Engine Oil (8130 & 8800) Cost Savings = $1.6 million annually
An LE representative recommended Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil to extend drains while maintaining superior wear protection. After using the LE oil for 18 months, the company documented its annual cost reductions due to the changeover. The results showed great performance and a healthy return on investment, with total annual savings of more than $1.6 million across the cost centers measured in the engine oil category.

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Alaskan Oilfield Services Testimonial Alaskan Oilfield Services Company / Monolec Syn Gear Oil (9919) Cost Savings = $576,000
The company was using a major brand competitive gear oil in its loaders, graders and dozers. However, this oil was providing inadequate lubrication for the heavy loads and frigid temperatures down to -50°F (-45.5°C). This led to brittle seals, which introduced contamination, lubricant starvation, and wheel bearing failures. The company was replacing 400 to 500 seals and wheel bearings each year. LE’s Monolec® Syn Gear Oil (9919) reduced the annual seal and wheel bearing failures by 40%, which provided a total annual savings of $576,000.
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Red's Towing Testimonial Red's Towing, Transport & Recovery / Monolec Engine Oil (8700) Cost Savings = $28,000+
Because of the proven performance documented with the use of Almagard, Red's Towing decided to adopt the use of LE's 8700 Monolec Engine Oil throughout their fleet. All units have been able to successfully extend the drain intervals by approximately 50% longer than the previous oil drain period.

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Quinn Brothers Testimonial Quinn Brothers, Inc. - Essex, Mass. Fleet
Saved $92,400 over a five year peirod since converting to LE lubrication program. "We cannot say enough about the service Lubrication Technologies supplies, as well as the products, top notch in our book! The installation of the lubrication system is the single, most cost-effective option on a truck."

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