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Push To Connect Fittings Push-in-Fittings

Push To Connect Fittings Push-in-Fittings

Technical data of push-in fittings


Nickel-plated brass

Recommended hoses:

PA 6-6 and PA 12
High-pressure hose only in combination with tube studs with a claw groove.

Hose tolerances:

+/- 0.05 mm at tube diameters of 4 mm and 6 mm, according to CETOP standard

Temperature range:

-20° C bis + 70°C

Operating pressure: 

80 Bar

The pressure range is greatly influenced by the hoses and tubes used and by the ambient temperature.

Instructions for assembly and disassembly of our push-in fittings

Assembly using plastic tubes

1. Cut and deburr the plastic tube at 90° using a hose cutter.

2. Make sure to prevent any oval deformation of the tube.

3. Insert the tube into the push-in fitting to the stop (the plastic tubes from our range are equipped with marks that make it easier to insert them by the correct length). 

Assembly using high-pressure hoses

1. Assemble the screw-in socket (left-hand thread) onto the end of the hose.

2. Screw-in the tube stud with claw groove.

3. Apply the push-in fitting onto the tube stud. The O-ring of the plug-and-socket screw connection ensures a tight seal.

As a general rule, during assembly of push-in fittings, it must be ensured that the hose connectors are not subject to tensile loads. If tensile loads act on a push-in screw fitting, this may encumber or prevent loosening the disconnection ring during disassembly. The disconnection ring of a push-in fitting may cant if the specified bending radius of the plastic tube or the high-pressure hose is not complied with.


By pressing the disconnection ring of the push-in screw fitting and simultaneously pulling the plastic tube or the tube stud, the plastic tube / high-pressure hose can be disassembled. 


As a manufacturer of fittings and various accessories for central lubrication engineering, we cover a large part of the demand for connection technology for central lubrication systems by various central lubrication system manufacturers.

Our range of fittings in the field of plugged fittings or push-in fittings is available from our Kakenstorf warehouse.


Our products are not intended for household applications and must only be installed by trained personnel.

Please remember that our trained and qualified staff is always prepared to provide help and advice with regard to all technical aspects prior to, during, and after installation.


Your Fritsche team - the central lubrication engineering specialists

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