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Fritsche Threaded Sleeve

Fritsche Threaded Sleeve

Our screw sleeves or screw sockets are compatible with tube studs and high-pressure hoses by all renowned manufacturers of central lubrication units and central lubrication systems.

Properties / materials:

Screw sleeves are used as connecting elements between the high-pressure hose and a cutting ring fitting or a push-in fitting. 

Connecting these components with screw sleeves results in a pressure-tight, stable and detachable connection.

Our screw sleeves are available in various sizes suitable for high-pressure hoses in the following diameters, 4.1 x 8.75,  6.3 x 11.3 and 1/8" x 5/16; they can be supplied in different qualities, e.g. galvanized steel, black chromated steel, and stainless steel VA 1.4401/316/V4A.

Assembly / disassembly:

To connect an 840 bar high-pressure hose with a cutting ring fitting or a push-in fitting, a screw sleeve is used together with a tube stud. 

For assembly, the screw sleeve is first screwed onto the 840 bar high-pressure hose. Subsequently, the tube stud is inserted into the screw sleeve. The inner thread of the screw sleeve that must be assembled with the high-pressure hose is a left-hand thread; a left-hand thread was chosen to prevent loosening of the screw sleeve from the high-pressure hose during assembly of the tube stud. 

This ensures a pressure-tight, stable and detachable connection. These screw connections are designed such that they can be established without the use of special tools and outside of specialist workshops. Then, the end of the tube stud can be assembled in a cutting ring fitting or plugged into a push-in fitting or a push-in screw fitting. 

For connections with push-in fittings, only such tube studs must be used that are suitable for that kind of system. The suitable tube studs are equipped with a groove in the tube, which is then seated into the push-in fitting. For assembly, the tube stud only needs to be inserted. 

100-050 Threaded Sleeve 100-050 Threaded Sleeve
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Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-050
100-050 Threaded/Screw sleeve for hose studs for assembling high-pressure hoseMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 28SW: 12..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-050-1 Threaded Sleeve for 1/8"
Fritsche # 100-050-1 Threaded Hose Sleeve used with Hose StudsFor 1/8"- 3/16 ID Hose - replaces Lincoln 272427Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 26SW: 1/2"..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-060
100-060 Threaded Sleeve for 11.3 mm hoseMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 35.8SW: 17..
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