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Fritsche Fittings

Fritsche Fittings

Fritsche offers a diverse range of screw fittings for all kinds of central lubrication configurations. Our screw fittings represent quality and longevity.


In certain scenarios, assets that are worth millions depend on one single bearing...


… and in all configurations where moving parts must be protected from direct frictional contact and be kept movable and flexible, fittings by Fritsche come into play.


Central lubrication systems keep bearings movable - that is our mission!


The fields of application are diverse, the list below mentions but a few: 

  • Construction machinery: wheel loaders, excavators, concrete pumps
  • Agricultural machinery: combine harvesters, potato harvesters, maize choppers, grape harvesting machines
  • Industrial plants: filling systems, wind power plants
  • Utility vehicles: lorries, municipal vehicles, dump trucks, etc.

Our range of fittings includes the following product families:

Compression Fittings or Cutting Ring fittings

Push Locks - Push To Connect Fittings or Push-in fittings

Threaded Hose Sleeves for Reusable Ends or Screwsleeves

Tube Sockets - Tube Studs - Hose studs - Male Stand Pipes

Adapters - Extensions - Reducers

Being a manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the production of fittings we can unconditionally guarantee the highest quality at any time. Customers from all over the world highly appreciate our products and our pricing policy.


The fittings for central lubrication are subject to continuous detail improvement. For us, continuous adjustment and adaptation to global developments in the lubrication engineering industry is also one of our most valuable activities.


The quality of details is what facilitates assembly for our customers and increases the longevity of our products for end users.


In our capacity as efficient producer and supplier, we have been delivering fittings to both manufacturers and industrial organizations, as well as workshops, municipal services, etc. all over the world for more than 25 years.


Regardless of whether you work with automated or manual central lubrication systems or use lubrication aids for individual areas - we have the right solution for you!

100-050 Threaded Sleeve 100-050 Threaded Sleeve
New Hot
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-050
100-050 Threaded/Screw sleeve for hose studs for assembling high-pressure hoseMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 28SW: 12..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-050-1 Threaded Sleeve for 1/8"
Fritsche # 100-050-1 Threaded Hose Sleeve used with Hose StudsFor 1/8"- 3/16 ID Hose - replaces Lincoln 272427Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 26SW: 1/2"..
100-051 Tubular Socket Straight 100-051 Tubular Socket Straight
New Hot
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-051
100-051 Tubular Socket StraightHose Stud Straight 6mm-30Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 6L: 61L1: 30thSW: 10th..
100-051-1 Tubular Socket Straight x 1/8" NPT Swivel Male NPT - replaces 246002 100-051-1 Tubular Socket Straight x 1/8" NPT Swivel Male NPT - replaces 246002
New In Stock
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-051-1
100-051-1 Tubular Socket Straight x 1/8" NPT Swivel Male NPTReplaces 246002Standpipe inserts straight  for assembling supply and feed line hose Ø 1/8" x 5/16" without claw grooveMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 1/8 NPTSW: 7/16"..
100-052 Hose Stud 90° 6x21 100-052 Hose Stud 90° 6x21
New Hot
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-052
100-052 Hose Stud 90° 6x21 (elbow)Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 6H: 13L: 21SW: 10..
100-053 90° Tubular Socket 35mm 100-053 90° Tubular Socket 35mm
New Hot
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-053
100-053 90° Tubular Socket 35mm (elbow)Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 6H: 28L: 37SW: 10..
100-054 Tubular Socket Short 100-054 Tubular Socket Short
New Hot
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-054
100-054 Tubular Socket ShortMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 6L: 51L1: 20thSW: 10th..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-056
100-056 90° Tubular Socket 50mm (elbow)4.1 x 8.75 6M59Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 6H: 28L: 53SW: 10..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-058
100-058 45° Tubular Socket 35mm (elbow)6M79Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 6H: 35L: 25SW: 10..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-060
100-060 Threaded Sleeve for 11.3 mm hoseMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 35.8SW: 17..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-061
100-061 8mm Hose Stud Straight Double Ended UnionHose Connecting Pipe Double L56Material: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedL: 56L1: 25SW: 10..
Brand: Fritsche Model: 100-073
100-073 90° Tubular Socket Hose Stud (elbow)6.35 x 11.3  hose has 8mm diameter tubeMaterial: steel, surface chrome-VI free, galvanizedD: 8H: 23L: 36SW: 12..
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