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CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way

CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way
CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way
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CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way
CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way
CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way

Each CX-1 Grease Injector is compatible with the Bijur ExactoServe Series FL-1, Bijur ExactoServe Series FL-11, Lincoln Centro-Matic Series SL-1, Lincoln Centro-Matic Series SL-11, and can be manually adjusted to discharge the precise amount of lubricant each bearing needs. Injectors are mounted singly at each bearing, or grouped in a manifold with feedlines supplying lubricant to the bearings. In each case, injectors are supplied with lubricant under pump pressure through a single supply line. Two injector types are available: a top adjusting and a side adjusting. Both types can be used in the same circuit; their selection is made on the basis of bearing lubricant requirements.

• For single-line, high-pressure central lubrication system.

• For dispensing lubricants compatible with fluoroelastomer packings and viscosity up to NLGI No. 2.

• The output is externally adjustable.

• Indicator stem permits visual check of injector operation.

• CX-1 may be combined in a circuit of injectors SL-32, SL-33, SL-V, SL-V XL and/or SL-11.

• Individual injectors can be easily removed for inspection or replacement.

• Carbon Steel Injectors

• CX-1 are compatible with Bijur FL-1 injectors are positive displacement grease dispensing valves.

• CX-1 are compatible with Bijur FL-1 Injectors which can be used in lube circuits with our FL-32/FL-33/FL-11 series injectors.

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  • Brand: ILC
  • Product Code:: CX-1 Grease Injector 2 Way
  • Weight: 3.50lb
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.99in x 2.75in x 7.50in
  • SKU: 02.940.1.G.02
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