An innovative software solution for the complex problem of lubrication, LUBE-IT enhances profits and improves lubrication practices – eliminating the cause of 50% of all industrial equipment failures.

LUBE-IT Excellence for Lubrication


Innovation for Lubrication

An innovative software solution for the complex problem of lubrication, LUBE-IT lowers operating costs, improves facility uptime and drives up profits by eliminating the cause of 50% of all industrial equipment failures, improper or outdated lubrication practices.

LUBE-IT has the depth of detail needed to maximize the reliability of each machine in the plant. Reliability engineers rely on LUBE-IT as central to their equipment maintenance best practices programs.

With capabilities not found in spreadsheets or CMMS systems LUBE-IT manages every task at every lube point providing lube techs with all the information they need to keep equipment running and profits flowing.

LUBE-IT offers high ROI in these key areas:

  • Reduces costly downtime
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Maintains knowledge assets
  • Manages costly lubrication consumption
  • Cuts energy costs

Benefits of LUBE-IT

Improper lubrication is the number one cause of equipment failure.

The best opportunity to save money and improve equipment uptime in maintenance is with well-executed lubrication reliability practices and management – and that means LUBE-IT, the world’s most widely used lubrication reliability software solution.

LUBE-IT has the depth of detail needed to maximize the reliability of every machine in the plant increasing overall production capacity and facility uptime. LUBE-IT knows:
  • What needs lubrication
  • Which lubricant to use
  • How much lubricant to use
  • Where the lubricant point is located
  • The correct procedure
  • Any safety requirement
Lube-It_Software Reduces Costly Downtime
Built from the ground up, LUBE-IT simplifies and manages the unique and high activity nature of lubrication. This comprehensive software offers lubrication optimization gains that are simply not possible with any other system.

Improves Employee Productivity
LUBE-IT's PowerFlex route technology sends lube personnel point-to-point along the most efficient path and provides all of the details needed to successfully complete each task along the way. Personnel receive clear-cut, weekly work responsibilities rather than generic spreadsheets or stacks of work orders. With LUBE-IT, the people on the front lines know what to do, when, where, and how – and thanks to PowerFlex, they can save steps and time doing it.

Maintains Knowledge Assets
The detailed information needed for lubrication reliability typically resides in the memories of the people performing the lubrication. These people represent an invaluable asset – for example, the knowledge they’ve acquired over the years is key to resolving over 50% of all equipment failures. But the workforce is aging. The baby boomers have already started to retire. Each time one of these workers walks out the door, possibly for the last time, years of knowledge go with them. Mission-critical information is lost. With LUBE-IT, this asset is never lost.

Manages Lubrication Consumption
Track and analyze consumption for fluids, greases or both. LUBE-IT’s Consumption Explorers™ quickly graph and analyze consumption trends from equipment or lube-product perspectives and include volumes consumed and related extended costs. View current and historical trends and make year-to-year comparisons. Need more details? Multiple level drill-down in the Consumption Explorers reveals underlying data for specific work periods and cost & volume break-outs by individual lube-point.

Most-Consumed and Top-Consumer views give one-click spotlight analysis of high spend lubricants as well as the equipment with the highest lubricant costs.

Cuts Energy Costs
Maintenance is the often overlooked activity that can cut energy use and bolster the bottom line. Energy is usually the most controllable factor in trying to increase profit. Simply keeping an electrical motor clean will save 5% on that machine’s energy bills.

Excellence in lubrication can bring even more impressive returns. Making sure a machine gets the correct lubricant results in an energy savings of 18%*. LUBE-IT tracks where every lubricant is used. For example, if the wrong lubricant is used in one machine, similar issues can easily be found and corrected in the rest of the plant keeping equipment energy- and cost-efficient.

Get in front of Reliability Issues – or Get Buried in Breakdowns
If lubrication is the foundation of all maintenance activity, that foundation had better be strong. Deficient lubrication is the proven number-one cause of equipment failure. LUBE-IT is the proven way to keep machines running through best practices in lubrication.


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