Synthetic, Non-Melting Grease Protects Metal Surfaces

LE’s 9901 Almasol® Syntemp Lubricant is an extremely tacky, high-temperature, extreme pressure (EP) grease made from a very heavy synthetic fluid and non-melting thickener. It is specially formulated to provide exceptional protection at temperatures at which petroleum oils would completely oxidize. This grease has exceptional water resistance, remains unaffected by boiling water and steam, and contains inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion.

Almasol Syntemp Lubricant is excellent for use in any application where an extremely hightemperature lubricant is required, including large open gears, large industrial gears, oven chains, sliding surfaces, and large or slowmoving bearings. It contains Almasol®, LE’s exclusive solid wear-reducing additive.

Beneficial Qualities

Long Lasting & Heat Resistant

  • Lasts much longer under high temperatures than ordinary lubricants
  • Will not melt, liquefy or run during use
  • Has high oxidation resistance, preventing formation of varnish, gum or carbon deposits

Water Resistant

  • Resists water contamination, including boiling water or steam
  • Will not wash off easily


  • Is very sticky and adheres to metal; will not drip or fling off
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Has superior wear-reducing characteristics
  • Exhibits excellent mechanical stability
  • Cushions gear teeth when heavy or shock loads are encountered

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