Tacky, Water-Resistant Grease Available in Convenient Aerosol

LE’s Syntemp® Synthetic Lubricant (9102) is a heavy-duty spray grease designed for open gears, chains, cables, sealed bearings and slides – or any hard-to-reach area. Available in an aerosol can, it is excellent for high-temperature applications and will not melt. It is extremely tacky and water-resistant, staying in place without slinging or dripping. Syntemp Synthetic Lubricant includes extreme pressure characteristics to protect against heavy loads while preventing rust and corrosion. This mechanically stable grease has an exceptionally high film strength that resists rupturing and protects against metal-to-metal contact. It contains Monolec®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive.

Beneficial Qualities

High-Temperature Performance

  • Can be used over wide temperature range
  • Resists melting and running, even in high temperatures

Dependable Protection

  • Reduces wear, friction and heat
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Is water resistant
  • Is almost dry upon application, which reduces contaminant pick-up
  • Resists rupturing and protects against metal-to-metal contact
  • Contains special blend of EP additives that provide heavy load-carrying properties and protect against scoring

Stays in Place

  • Is extremely tacky and adheres to metal surfaces
  • Will not sling o
  • Sets up quickly to minimize dripping

Lubrication Technologies, Inc.

Lubrication Technologies, Inc. has been an independent manufacturer's representative of Lubrication Engineers, Inc. for over 45 years. LE’s line of high-performance lubricants – manufactured and made of highly refined base oils and proprietary additives – far exceed the performance of conventional lubricants in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications. Call our consultants at Lubrication Technologies (413) 788-5823 for more information on LE Products.


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