Extreme Pressure Gear Lubrticant Meets Demanding Requirements of Most Differentials and Transmissions

Monolec® Gear Lubricant (703-704) offers the versatility of one product that meets the demanding fleet requirements of all types of differentials (including limited slip) and transmissions, as well as most industrial enclosed gearboxes. A multiviscosity extreme pressure gear oil, Monolec Gear Lubricant was formulated to achieve the proper balance between load-carrying capacity, film strength and lubricity.

Monolec® LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing oil film strength without affecting clearances. Monolec® allows opposing surfaces to slide by one another, greatly reducing friction, heat and wear.

Beneficial Qualities

Wear Prevention

  • Provides exceptional wear resistance, ensuring longer gear life and less maintenance expense
  • Possesses high film strength, keeping metal surfaces separated
  • Offers outstanding rust and corrosion resistance

Long-Lasting Reliable Service

  • Provides superior oxidation stability and long life
  • Maintains low operating temps by reducing friction
  • Breaks up foam bubbles as they form
  • Separates readily from water
  • Prevents sludge deposits
  • Extends drain intervals with less make-up between drains
  • Does not affect seals


  • Multiviscosity for use in all seasons
  • Delivers exceptional performance in most types of gearboxes
  • Can be used in most differentials and transmissions

Available Grades

  • SAE 80W-90 (703)
  • SAE 85W-140 (704)

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  • AGMA 9005-D94
  • API GL-5 & MT-1
  • CS-3000B
  • Diamond Power Soot Blower
  • Mack GO-H
  • PG-2
  • Rockwell (0-76-D, 0-76-A)
  • SAE J2360 (April 2012)
  • USDA H2


  • Not an automatic transmission, hydraulic or semi-automatic transmission oil
  • Not for use in common sump systems that use combination gear-hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil or a power steering fluid
  • Typical Applications

  • All differentials and transmissions specifying an EP lubricant (except those requiring pure mineral oil), including:
  • Over-the-road and stop-and-go fleet
  • Off-highway equipment transfer cases, overdrive units, oil-lubricated wheel bearings and steering gearboxes
  • Limited slip differentials
  • Rockwell and Eaton axles
  • Heavily loaded industrial gearboxes
  • Any gearboxes that have bronze gears, thrust washers or other parts that require an EP gear oil
  • Worm gearboxes calling for EP gear oils
  • Especially appropriate for machine tools and other precision gearing because low wear rate keeps them within specification longer

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