460-680 LE Almasol Worm Gear Lubricant

Superior performing worm gear lubricant based on 100% Paraffinic base oil Almasol®, wear reducing additive

LE Almasol Worm Gear Lubricant 460-680 Info LE's ALMASOL® Worm Gear Lubricants are formulated with 100% mid-continent Paraffinic base oils blended with stable lubricity additives and ALMASOL® to provide protection in a wide temperature range. They protect bronze bull gears from excessive wear in enclosed worm gearboxes. Superior oxidation resistance in high temperature applications where extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants cannot be used. Provide reduced friction in the high sliding worm gear applications due to formulation with stable compounding and lubricity additives.

Almasol® is LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive which has an affinity for metal similar to polar attraction. It attaches itself to working surfaces in a single microscopic layer, yet it will not build on itself or affect clearances. This microscopic layer possesses tremendous load-carrying capacity, is impervious to acid attack and minimizes metal-to-metal contact and the resulting friction and wear. When added to LE lubricants, it gives an extra dimension of protection available in no other lubricant.

Beneficial Qualities

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  • Meets AGMA 9005-094 requirements for R&O and compounded oils.
  • Made with highly refined paraffinic base stock instead of lower quality cylinder stock
  • Contains cleanliness additives to keep the gearbox free of deposits
  • Exhibits superior wear protection
  • Superior oxidation resistance to commercial grade worm gear oils
  • Passes demulsibility test where commercial worm gear oils fail
  • Meets the criteria of USDA H2 lubricants


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